Employment at Harbourside

Park Exhibits Continued Employment Growth since 2007

With the closure of Sydney Steel in 2000, there was a great amount of work to be done. Sale of assets, demolition, reclamation, and remediation were only the beginning. By 2007 a new direction was in process. New infrastructure was starting to be seen on site. Roads, utility poles, fire protection system, water utility pumping station, and serviced lots were now in place. After two years from laying the ground work, the December 2009 look at employment levels at Harbourside was satisfying and an impressive accomplishment for the community. The 2009 report identified 140 fulltime jobs with fourteen employers and an additional 35 part-time or seasonal positions in place. Two years later in 2011 we saw fifteen employers with 152 fulltime positions complemented by another 96 part-time and seasonal jobs.

Where We Are Today In 2015

Today in 2015 we had onsite over 244 full-time employees along with 20 part-time employees. With the newly purchased TP2 building by the Cape Breton Victoria Regional School Board more employees will be added to the list. Pharmacy Wholesale Services Inc. will be increasing employment by 25 new administrative employees when they ramp up their new operation in the park. AECOM, a large international engineering company will have 10 staff working in the park as well. The current employment numbers are only part of the story as confidence in Harbourside is growing.

The Park also has offices and properties leased to companies that do not have a direct employment impact within the context of this report. The leases are for companies’ in the process of bringing their interests to Harbourside and in some cases to provide growth and flex space. One of the former companies that had a large impact on employment at the Park; Offshore Technical Services / Harbourtech Services Inc. has moved to a new building in the area, yet they have kept an office at the Park as well as a large warehouse on site. With property leases, and the recent announcement for major dock improvements, significant growth is expected in the next year. The decision of Source Atlantic, a major provider of products and services in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors is testament to the appeal of Harbourside Commercial Park as a location for growth and success. With Sydney Harbour dredging recently completed, the future of the Park is not just positive but is paramount in the economic development expectations of the business community. Harbourside is no longer a fledgling in the local economy but a central figure garnering much attention and confidence.

Harbourside Park can accommodate commercial, industrial and office enterprises. Below is a list of tenants currently onsite at Harbourside. To visit their website click on the company's name.

Businesses Onsite
  Fulltime Part-time
AECOM 10  
All-Tech Environmental Services Ltd. 4  
Atship Services Ltd. 2  
BCB Expedites 2  
CBEX Presently unknown Presently unknown
Cape Breton Regional Municipality 8 2
Cape Breton-Victoria Regional School Board Presently unkown Presently unknown
Citizenship 1  
Community Involvement of the Disabled 1 1
GDI Integrated Services inc. 1  
Harbour Tech 1 1
MacLean Hearing Centre 2  
Mathjam Holdings Inc. 12  
MB2 Excavating and Construction Ltd. 1  
McNally 1  
Mill Creek Environmental 16 4
Nova Scotia Lands Inc. 14 6
Offshore Technical Services 3  
Pharmacy Wholesale Services Inc. 25  
Portside Aggregates 8  
Protocase 105  
Provincial Energy Ventures 3  
DM Rogers 2 1
Safety Check 6 1
JA Smitty’s Canteen 5  
Source Atlantic 11  
TOTAL Over 244 employees
fulltime employees
20 part-time employees





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