Harbourside Park is housed on a former industrial site; therefore, an extensive existing infrastructure is present. Adjacent to downtown Sydney, the park encompasses over 300 acres and can accommodate commercial, industrial and office enterprises.

Administration The park is owned and administered by the Province of Nova Scotia
Fire Protection Hydrants are throughout the park. Serviced by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality Fire Service (typical 5 minute arrival time)
Security A security force protects the park grounds. The Cape Breton Regional Municipality Police Service’s Central Division is located 3 km from the park.
Hospital The Cape Breton Regional Hospital is located 3.5 km from the park and is the major referral center for Cape Breton Island

Reasons to Locate Your Business at Harbourside
Large pool of available skilled workers
A transportation hub, located on the TransCanada Highway
Proximity to Halifax, NFLD. and U.S. markets
Favorable taxes and low land costs, no development charges
High concentrations of natural resources in aggregates, wood, and wind energy
Choice of serviced commercial & industrial sites
The Sydney Airport has two ILS equipped runways: one is 7070 x 200 asphalt and the second is 6000 x 200 asphalt.





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Atlantic Canada Bulk Terminal
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